eMule 0.50a Beba v2.60

经常在eMule官方论坛(emule-projet)出没的modder Tuxman带来他的最新作品 eMule 0.50a Beba 2.6。该Mod拥有Client Analyzer的反吸血检测机制,并且趋于轻量化,如果需要web远程管理,请自行下载Webserver模板文件,如果需要多媒体文件信息扩展MediaInfo.dll文件,一样请去这里下载。本次更新还在程序图标上弃用了过去的小兔子,而采用了类似Neomule里那个黑客帝国版的骡子的脑袋,如果你有意见请pm Tuxman。

eMule Beba 官方主页:http://beba.emulefuture.de/
eMule Beba使用帮助: http://beba.emulefuture.de/index.php?page=howto

- released on April 27, 2010 -

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emule-0.50a-beba 2.60 bin.7z 查源 1.89MB
emule-0.50a-beba 2.60 src.7z 查源 1.79MB
[?]: [?]:, 3.67MB


After over one year of part-time development and quite a bunch of testing versions, including the inevitable update to the new eMule 0.50a codebase and terminating bugs caused or not caused by me, eMule beba is back on the stage, and it rocks the boat, yo, or something. The new release features everything you know & love in beba, well-polished and slightly improved. I hope you still like it.

See the official beba website for a complete feature list.
Here's the changelog indeed:



- merged: eMule 0.50a
* including some lib updates

- improved: add and remove sources only from downloading list if they are visible [dolphinX]
- improved: added even more file types [Tuxman]
- improved: analyzed mod thieves are not added to Mod Stats anymore [Tuxman]
- improved: applied some smaller code changes and improvements [Tuxman, WiZaRd, Xman, Spike2, JvA]
- improved: clients on upload queue are also informed of an ID change now [Spike2/Stulle, modified by Tuxman]
- improved: don't create a beta test file (for ASFU) [Stulle]
- improved: increased width of the Queue number display label (may fix the truncation on some systems) [Tuxman]
- improved: layout of the Files options dialog (has been out of alignment since the .49c codebase update) [Tuxman]
- improved: readded the "don't draw hidden rect" improvement in several places [SiRoB]
- improved: reduced CPU usage of some UInt128 functions [NetFinity]
- improved: skip not needed requeuing on NNS [SLUGFILLER/WiZaRd]

- fix (o): disappearing tray icon fix [dolphinX]
- fix (o): friend detection fix [WiZaRd]
- fix (B): IntelliFlush was (partially) broken [Tuxman]
- fix (o): memleak fix in ArchiveRecovery.cpp [gureedo]
- fix (B): several memleaks in modeless dialogs [WiZaRd]
- fix (o): SortProc issue in SharedFilesCtrl [moloko+]
- fix (B): toolbar skins work now ;-) [thanks to jerryBG]

- changed: beba's classical FutureMule icon is back :-) [Tuxman]

- updated: Automatic Shared Files Updater [Stulle]
* includes a crash fix by WiZaRd
- updated: Client Analyzer v1.5 [WiZaRd/zz_fly]
* includes Anti-Corruption and stats fixes
- updated: Enhanced Client Recognition v2 [Spike2]
* includes CompatClientStats [Stulle]
* also added easyMule 2 detection [Sundawner]

(if I forgot any credits, I'm sorry for a thousand times. Really!)

By the way: I'm still not going to implement any releasers' features! beba is - and was always intended to be - a "back to the roots" eD2K/Kad client for everyone who uses eMule to download files (what else should it be used for?), giving a f*** on any spread bar, Powershare stuff or GFX toys. You know, I still can't see the point in coloring my friends blue or whatever the newest click-click-colorful feature is...
Those who look for a releaser's eMule modification should have a look at the ZZUL BastarD mod or - for those who like to spend hours configuring their mod's features - NeoMule. You see, there are way too many all-round and releasers' mods out there, so why should I do the same? (-;

Please note anyway that I'm really interested in bug reports and feature requests (at least those matching my "rules", see above). If you have any, feel free to send me some message.

You don't like it? Don't use it!
However, running around on other boards and telling them that you have "never seen such a stupid buggy newbie mod before haha lol" ain't very helpful to me. (-;

If you completely dislike the "disconnected" tray icon and would prefer to see this one in the next version of beba, please leave some note in this thread or via PM!

Thanks to my testers for some important bug reports; you are the best ones! (-;

An updated Italian language .dll file is available here, thanks to the DarkForge.it team. More contributions are highly appreciated. If you want to use beba's web interface, you might also want to download the web server templates.

- EOT -


  1. #1 Yst
    2010年4月28日 周三 12:06 | 回复

    对于带CA的mod只是看看就好... :D

  2. #2 老胡
    2010年4月28日 周三 13:29 | 回复


  3. #3 fairary
    2010年4月28日 周三 13:41 | 回复

    Xtreme 8.0

  4. #4 ace1ace1
    2010年4月28日 周三 13:55 | 回复


  5. #5 Mephisto
    2010年4月28日 周三 13:58 | 回复


  6. #6 Mikeven
    2010年4月28日 周三 16:45 | 回复

    倒是很轻量的说1.9M,最轻Xmod Lite是1.2M(不过这个不太稳定)

  7. #7 空气橙
    2010年4月28日 周三 21:40 | 回复


  8. #8 sFx
    2010年4月29日 周四 18:35 | 回复


  9. #9 天轶难违
    2010年5月8日 周六 16:07 | 回复

    还是决定等ScarAngel的 0.50a版




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