eMule v0.50a Beba v2.65

eMule Beba发布了一个新版本,eMule v0.50a Beba v2.65,此版本解决了原版eMule中存在的一个HTTP下载问题

有关Snarl:通知栏类似于气泡提示,能显示程序运行状态和信息。Snarl是一个类似苹果电脑 Mac OS X 系统下Growl的信息提示系统。Snarl是一款开源软件,支持插件扩展,支持样式和皮肤,你也可以当作桌面小组件工具使用。其它强大的功能请到官方网站了解:Snarl官方网站:https://sites.google.com/site/snarlapp/home

eMule Beba率先实现了对Snarl的支持。不过由于eMule官方版已经含有一个通知栏功能,以及一个悬浮窗功能 - 迷你骡(minimule),而且都支持自定义的样式,所以Beba的这个新功能可能更多的还是适合Snarl和eMule Beba的双重用户。

eMule Beba Mod拥有Client Analyzer的反吸血检测机制,并且趋于轻量化,如果需要web远程管理,请自行下载Webserver模板文件,如果需要多媒体文件信息扩展MediaInfo.dll文件,一样请去这里下载

eMule Beba 官方主页:http://beba.emulefuture.de/
eMule Beba使用帮助: http://beba.emulefuture.de/index.php?page=howto

- released Jun 28, 2012 -

下载eMule beba

帮助 | eMule官方 | eMule Fans 电骡爱好者 | eMule-Mods.de | 插件主页
eMule.v0.50a.beba 2.65 bin.7z 查源 1.91MB
eMule.v0.50a.beba 2.65 src.7z 查源 1.8MB
[?]: [?]:, 3.71MB




WiZaRd recently found an issue with HTTP downloads not working correctly in the official eMule client (thus also in beba). A fix was tested and added.
After having released v2.64, I was told recent Snarl versions (starting with version 2.6) would not ban eMule for "spamming" any longer. If you ran into that issue, I advise you to update Snarl. Also, eMule beba is featured on Snarl's website now. :-)

See the official beba website for a complete feature list.

(if I forgot any credits, I'm sorry for a thousand times. Really!)

By the way: I'm still not going to implement any releasers' features! beba is - and was always intended to be - a "back to the roots" eD2K/Kad client for everyone who uses eMule to download files (what else should it be used for?), giving a f*** on any spread bar, Powershare stuff or GFX toys. You know, I still can't see the point in coloring my friends blue or whatever the newest click-click-colorful feature is...
Those who look for a releaser's eMule modification with lots of bells and whistles should have a look at ZZUL-based mods. You see, there are way too many all-round and releasers' mods out there, so why should I do the same? (-;

Please note anyway that I'm really interested in bug reports and feature requests (at least those matching my "rules", see above). If you have any, feel free to send me some message.

You don't like it? Don't use it!
However, running around on other boards and telling them that you have "never seen such a stupid buggy newbie mod before haha lol" ain't very helpful to me. (-;

If you completely dislike the "disconnected" tray icon and would prefer to see this one in the next version of beba, please leave some note in this thread or via PM!

Thanks to my testers for some important bug reports; you are the best ones! (-;



- fix (B): beba might crash on exit [WiZaRd]
- fix (o): HTTP downloads ending prematurely [WiZaRd]

- changed: fixed weblink to beba's Italian support board [Tuxman]
- changed: "intelligent flushing" checkbox in the prefs comes without the "?" now [Tuxman]
- changed: reworked Snarl notification support [Tuxman]
* everything is done within the ShowNotifier() function now (thx to WiZaRd for the idea)
* sound is turned off when using Snarl (brings its own sounds)

- removed: Search Related Files [Tuxman]

- updated: Crypto++ 5.6.1 [Tuxman / WiZaRd]
- updated: zlib 1.2.7 [Tuxman / WiZaRd]


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    current version:
    eMule 0.50a beba 2.72
    * released July 08, 2013

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