eMule v0.50a Osp v0.20

号称“边下载边观看”的mod,eMule v0.50a Osp v0.20发布,新版本增加了一个电影JukeBox,能从著名的imdb电影数据库网站获取电影信息(当然中国内地可能无法访问),虽然emule官方早已支持对正下载的多媒体文件的预览功能多年,并且还支持强大的调用外部程序预览功能,但是此mod号称可以实现对视频文件真正的“边下载边观看”,目前支持MKV, XVID, AVI, RMVB, MP4, 3GP格式的视频文件。


下载eMule v0.50a Osp v0.20

eMule v0.50a Osp v0.20程序包

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Main features:
1, add Movie JukeBox to emule, fetch latest movies information from imdb.com
2, support the most popular files to play online-streaming, including MKV, XVID, AVI, RMVB, MP4, and 3GP video formats
3, play when have small parts(10m or more)
4, seek any where, any time, buffering when seek to unfinished part
5, base on official emule0.5a

the project homepage: https://sourceforge....jects/emuleosp/
source code: provided via SVN, HTTP access https://sourceforge....p/emuleosp/code .the most important files is in tree/trunk/srchybrid/pod directory, use shared memory to communicate with player.

hope the mod will be useful for somebody, i appreciate any feedback you may have.


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