eMule 0.49c NetF WARP 0.3a.13 Beta

eMule 0.49c NetF WARP - 又是一款eMule Mods,虽然名字怪怪的,但它提供的功能却非常有意思,反吸血保护,分块传输,VIP“回报”队列,同时还支持Vista下的QoS,最大限度抢占优先级,并且对传输方式做了优化,尽可能地发送最大片段的数据包以减轻网络负担.

eMule 0.48a WARP 0.3a.13 BETA

- Based on eMule 0.49c
- Replaced the new download security feature in beta 12 with the official implementation
- Replaced SafeKAD2 feature with official; Only accept as many contacts as was being asked for